MUSIC is the language of LIFE 

Listen and thrive  Music on you palm
What matter is that your DAY has meaning.

Why Tunewell:

Tunewell is a personalized music wellness/tele-health App, that was created 100% by certified music therapy specialists and experts globally

TuneWell is your go-to companion towards mental wellness wellbeing in your daily life. Listen to music catered to your needs like

reducing stress,sleeping better or enhance focus.

Music wellness Therapy addresses physical, emotional, cognitive

and social needs of individuals. (AMTA)

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Tunewell App

  • Sound nutrition, awaken memories and emotions
  • Boost efficiency and nurture a healthy workplace
  • Reduce Stress , calm your mind , build your focus
  • Better sleeping, and smooth breathing

Custom Programs

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to have a personalized music therapy session  for you , and loved one or your team through Tunewell, without hassle? A customs program can be designed just for you.

  1. corporate wellness program 
  2. Book a private teletherapy session 

Tunewell products

The best to help you achieve optimal mind health and wellbeing, Athena has developed and worked with top innovation institutions for products from 
Athena’s patterned assistive smart therapy device for children’s and adults’ rehabilitation
Our affiliated state-of -art  wellness, wellbeing tech products/ programs that are powering men and women’s health. 
Crafting wellness for women with products that has built in therapeutic music and content for Business :

  • Airline
  • Hospitality industry

Imagine your day cuddled by Tunewell

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